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In order to give up smoking, a personal decision has to be made by one person…… you. That means you have to make stopping smoking a priority. In actual fact, giving up smoking is a lifestyle choice, just like continuing to smoke cigarettes is.

No one is suggesting that quitting the habit of smoking is an easy one by any means. A lot of people try and fail on a number of occasions which is in itself frustrating. There is only one reason why individuals struggle to conquer the smoking habit. The reason is simple.....Nicotine!

Nicotine is a substance that naturally occurs in the tobacco and cigarettes & cigars are have lots of tobacco in them. Nicotine has a potential probably as strong as heroine to be just as addictive. You essentially become dependent on the nicotine both physically and psychologically making it difficult for you to quit.

But It Can Be Done!

The fact that you are here suggests you are keen to give a good kicking to that nicotine substance. Learning how to deal with the mental and physical dependence is crucial if you are to succeed in quitting smoking.



How does nicotine become part of you or shall we say addictive?

When you smoke, the inhalation of the smoke encourages your lungs to extract the nicotine from the smoke which quickly gets absorbed into your blood stream. Once the nicotine is in your bloodstream, it is circulated around your body organs, but it is the brain and your nervous system that the effect of nicotine is most profound at least in the short term anyway.

In the brain, nicotine gives you this warm, exciting feeling that encourages you to have more cigarettes. With time, the effect on your nervous system makes you even want to smoke more…..and more as the years go by, because you develop tolerance to the nicotine.

Then you get in to that vicious circle where the tolerance to the nicotine means you have to smoke even more to have the same warm and exciting feeling you normally experience smoking fewer cigarettes. Little wonder, you now smoke on a daily basis 2 - 3 or even 4 times the number of cigarettes you did a couple of years back……

…….because you need more cigarettes to maintain the level of nicotine in your blood to achieve the desired nicotine level required for you to “feel right”.

 Now you can appreciate from the above scenario what will happen when you decide to give up smoking.

Stopping smoking by gradually cutting down on the number of cigarettes or quitting altogether means your blood nicotine levels will drop and because your body is not used to that, it will resist it. This resistance will appear by way of nicotine withdrawal symptoms which are usually both physical and psychological.

The peak time for these withdrawal symptoms of smoking is about the 2nd and 3rd day after you have had your last cigarette although some individuals will notice these symptoms much sooner....even hours in some people. This peak time is so in most individuals, because it takes the body about 3 - 4 days for your body to get rid of all the nicotine from your system when you give up smoking cigarettes.

These withdrawal symptoms are a way of your body resisting not getting what it has been used for years and are the basis of failure to quit or the cause of relapse if you like. Stopping smoking therefore means whatever method of quitting you so choose, must have a way of dealing with both the psychological and physical symptoms if you are going to succeed.

On this website, you will find much of the information you need to assist you give up the smoking habit....if you are serious, that is.

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