Quit Smoking Benefits

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Quit Smoking Benefits


You get nagged by your partner, your children, your friends, your parents, to stop smoking and the sad thing is no one really bothers to tell you what you stand to gain by kicking the habit.

So what really are the quit smoking benefits that should encourage you to stop altogether….starting today.

You may be glad to know that quit smoking benefits begin to manifest themselves pretty quickly following smoking cessation.

Yes, some damage had been done to your body with all those years of smoking, but a lot of the damage is not irreversible. The repair process soon kicks in, when you stop smoking even within 6 hours of having your last cigarette.

 So what are the quit smoking benefits?

Well, in the first 24 hours of stubbing out your last cigarette, you will experience the following:

 Quit smoking benefits after 24 hours of kicking the habit:

 Benefits of quitting smoking after 21 days:

 Quit smoking benefits after 60 days of stubbing out:


Benefits of quitting smoking after 1 year:

Compared to those who continue to smoke, your risk of coronary heart disease begin to change for the better. At this point in time you would have just halved your heart disease risk compared to those who continue to puff away.

 Stopping Smoking benefits after 5 to 10 years of quitting:

 Quit smoking benefits after 15 years of stopping:

Well, you have come a long way, haven’t you?

Congratulations, you deserve a reward and your prize is, having a coronary heart disease risk that is at par with individuals who have never touched a cigarette in their lifetime.

As a bonus, your risk of early death is also now at the same level as those who have had an aversion for cigarettes all their life.

….and by the way, did we talk about the small matter of the wads of cash, you’ve saved yourself all these years! Just thought I’d mention it.

So as you can tell, it is worth it for you to start the journey and stick to it. Those friends and relatives nagging you to stop are doing you a favour in return for these handsome benefits.

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