Quitting Smoking Side Effects

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Quitting Smoking Side Effects


When you decide to stop smoking, you need to be prepared for the quitting smoking side effects because you will unfortunately experience a few as a result of your decision to stop smoking. Yes, it comes with the territory, but these side effects can be dealt with.

 Why do quitting smoking side effects occur or happen?

There is one explanation for these. Nicotine!

When you smoke, your body gets fed with nicotine from the cigarette smoke and as the years roll by, you develop tolerance to the nicotine. This forces you to top up your nicotine levels to keep up with the tolerance.

The result of that is, you keep increasing your cigarette quantity more and more. Remember how you started with less than a pack a day? How much do you smoke now? Be honest.

It’s the nicotine….and it is the same reason why people fail to quit. They just have difficulty dealing with the withdrawal symptoms of the nicotine and they take the line of least resistance under such circumstances....by smoking again.

 How soon and what is the peak time for these nicotine withdrawal symptoms?

Nicotine withdrawal symptoms or shall we say quitting smoking side effects can start within hours of having your last cigarette…..within 2 – 3 hours in some individuals especially long term, heavy smokers.

However the peak time for the quitting smoking side effects to occur is the 2nd or 3rd day after smoking cessation.

 What are the quitting smoking side effects that I should expect?

Well the first thing to say here is that, although these side effects can be bothersome, they are not insurmountable. Yes, you can overcome them with time and in fact, the longer you keep away from the cigarettes, the better you will feel, and the less these side effects will bother you.

Remember, knowledge is power. If you know what to expect and how to deal with it, the more you are likely to succeed.

So below is a list of quitting side effects to expect:

The first thing to say is that you may not and in fact you are unlikely to experience all of those side effects. You are likely to experience just a couple of symptoms….but remember, quitting smoking side effects can be overcome.

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