Withdrawal Symptoms Of Smoking

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Withdrawal Symptoms Of Smoking


It is a very good idea to know the withdrawal symptoms of smoking cigarettes if you are planning to give it up. If you know what to expect, then you are going to be better prepared to deal with these symptoms.

The cause of these symptoms is nicotine deprivation which your body is not used to. Your body had become accustomed to a certain level of nicotine and the lack of it now results in these symptoms which I have to say can be unpleasant.

Everyone is different. Some people will experience more withdrawal symptoms of smoking cigarettes than others. These symptoms might be more remarkable in some individuals than others too.

The point I’m making is that you are unlikely going to have all the symptoms but be aware of them, so you can be on the look-out for them when you stop smoking.

So what are the common withdrawal symptoms of smoking cigarettes?

Listed below are some of symptoms to expect:

Some of these withdrawal symptoms of smoking will manifest themselves within hours of your last cigarette but the peak time is day 2 – day 3. Do not be frightened. If anything your resolve to quit smoking should be strengthened and knowing how to deal with these nicotine withdrawal symptoms will go a long way to kick the habit.

The good news is that the intensity of these withdrawal symptoms of smoking will gradually diminish with time. In fact, most individuals will fight them off in weeks. It is only in a further few individuals that the symptoms will persist for more than 2 months. So perseverance is the key here, folks.

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