Help Quitting Smoking

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Help Quitting Smoking


Any long term habit can be difficult to break and smoking is no exception. Most folks will need some sort of help quitting smoking cigarettes from the onset because it can be a struggle. Let’s face it, smoking is an addiction and I'm not aware of any form of addiction that is easy to break away from.

….but it can be done. Millions of people had become tired of being enslaved by tobacco and made a decision to give up smoking and they did.

So why should you be an exception? Can’t see why….

Let’s give you some help quitting smoking cigarettes with these tips.

First of all you need to understand there is a mind and body connection when it comes to quitting smoking cigarettes. So you have to establish that initial self-belief right from the onset that you can do this quitting thing or it won’t work.

You must have undertaken some difficult tasks in your life before now and you are going to draw on that same strength as you did before, on those previous tasks for this very one. So convince yourself, “this is do-able” and after that the planning begins.

Certainly, quitting does come with some benefits. So your next task is to compile a list of the top reasons why you want to quit smoking – may be for health reasons, stopping your family suffer from secondhand smoke problems, save some of the money you would normally spend on cigarettes.

Establish a pre-determined quitting date. Be realistic and stick to it by all means please. No procrastination which is why I advise you to be realistic in all of these. Be very happy on that day, because you are about to embark on a journey that is undeniably life-saving.

Decide on which route you want to take. Is it going to be Cold Turkey where you just stop smoking abruptly on the pre-determined date? Or is it going to be gradual reduction on the number of cigarettes you currently smoke until your set date when you finally stop? Your choice.

Once you have had your very last cigarette, discard everything related to smoking from your residence and your work place. I’m referring to your left-over cigarettes, your ashtrays and lighters etc…..Bin them!

Your family and friends will be provide you with some help to quit smoking, so get them involved in your planning because their support will be invaluable.

You are going to have to look for things to do to deal with cravings which can be difficult to cope with especially at the begining. Exercise has been shown to help quit smoking. If you consult with a lot of ex-smokers to confirm what role exercise played in their quitting process, they will tell you exercise was very important. It certainly one of the many ways to deal with nicotine withdrawal symtoms.

Exercise is not only a distractor but it also plays an important role to relieve the stress that the nicotine withdrawal will bring upon stopping smoking. Start slow and build up your exercise pace slowly. Remember to talk to your doctor though, just so he says you are fit for an exercise program before you start.

Learn to breathe….I’m referring to deep breathing here folks. You take in deep breaths through your nose, hold the air in your lungs for as long as you can and exhale through your mouth. Repeat this process over and over again for about 5 minutes.

This deep breathing exercise apart from providing you with another distraction from your cravings, also helps to relax you and relieve anxiety making you less irritable.

You should endeavour to get some decent rest. Sleep longer at night which means early nights for the first 6 weeks of stopping smoking, so you wake up refreshed and less stressed.

Drink lots of water as the water helps flush nicotine from your system….call it detox, if you like. Try to include other fluids like herbal teas and fruit juices as well.

However, it is a good idea to avoid or limit your coffee consumption along with soft drinks and alcohol. These beverages can drag you back into resuming smoking again.

Try to work out the things that make you smoke – emotional and physical and avoid them if you can or at least alter your behaviour around those triggers.

If you are struggling with the usual hand-to-mouth action which you are so used to, then look for substitutes to replace that. A very viable alternative is available here.

Smoking cessation is possible when you make up your mind to do it and we hope, these tips will provide you with substantial help quitting smoking for good.

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