Quit Smoking Tips

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Quit Smoking Tips


Stopping the smoking habit does require a plan. What we want you to do is incorporate these quit smoking tips into your plan to enhance your chances of success. No one is suggesting that a habit of a lifetime like smoking can be given up so easily.

Some people are fortunate – they have the ability to give up smoking without much hassle. However for the vast majority, discontinuing the smoking habit does require a lot of effort on their part.

So what we have here are some quit smoking tips that should hopefully reinforce your decision to stop once and for all.

Tip # 1

You need self-belief. You have to first of all convince yourself that the smoking pastime is bad for your health and you really want to stop. On this level, once your mind is made up, you have to inspire confidence in your ability to perform this task…

…because let’s face it, it is a task that’s going to require a lot of your attention over the coming weeks and months.

Tip # 2 

One of the quit smoking tips I suggest upfront is to document the reason(s) why you want to give up smoking. Put as many reasons as possible on paper or any electronic gadget that has text capability for instance mobile phone, i-pad.  The reasons could be personal or related to family issues.

Once the list is ready, re-write it and put the first 3 most important reasons on top. Take this list with you wherever you go and make it accessible all the time.

You are going to be using this document as a quit-smoking intensifier as you go through this journey especially during moments when you feel you are about to wobble….and there will be.

Tip # 3

Have a family meeting. At this meeting, you disclose your decision to quit smoking which will probably get a quick approval, I would think. However the main objective of this meeting is to elicit their support and to warn them in advance of the likely mood changes you may experience as a result of your decision.

You request them to show support at times you‘re probably going to be vulnerable emotionally.

 Tip # 4

Get a doctor’s appointment. Yes, it is important you get your family doctor involved with your decision.

Why….because you might need him/her to provide you with prescription medicine to deal with your nicotine withdrawal cravings quite apart from some other medical advice he may offer.

 Tip # 5

Decide on what kind of quitting smoking method you want to use. This is one of the quit smoking tips you cannot ignore. Do you want to go cold turkey? Will you consider nicotine replacement therapy instead of cold turkey and gradually taper off your use of the nicotine replacement agent? How about hypnosis?

Research has shown that only 10% of smokers succeed with cold turkey methodology. Do you think you will fall into this 10% group or do you need some other assistance?

In my experience, if you have smoked heavily for longer than 5 years, then the cold turkey route is probably not the way forward because of your heavy nicotine dependence.

Consider a quit smoking method that will maximize your chances of success.

 Tip # 6

Consider starting a fitness program. The advantages of exercise cannot be emphasized enough as far quitting smoking is concerned. Exercise will not only help you in your battle to stop smoking by acting as a good distractor when you fight your nicotine cravings, but will generally be good for your overall well being.

Engaging in a fitness regime about 2 – 3 times a week will certainly help. If you are not a generally fit person, then start small and work your way up in terms of intensity gradually.


Tip # 7

Now it’s crunch time. Set a date and stick to it. There is no going back now because you’ve put all the necessary tools in place and the only way to go is ahead. On this day, get rid of everything that reminds of smoking for instance ash trays, left-over cigarettes, lighters and all.

You are going to stop smoking for good starting today…agreed. Yes!

 Tip # 8

Join a support group. You’ve started the journey, so it’s time to look out for people who have already started the journey or have completed the stop smoking journey. Out of these quit smoking tips on offer here, this is one very crucial one.Support groups are usually of invaluable help because they know what to expect and will pull you through in your moments of need.

Support group could be local in your community and or distant via telephone help line or online through discussion forums.

 Tip # 9

Learn to deal with stress. Avoid stress if you can in the first 6 weeks of your quit smoking journey. I know life is full of stress, so what you want to do is, put stress-busters in place to tackle it when it occurs. How about yoga, body massage, tai chi, listening to nice slow music that relaxes the mind and soul?

 Tip # 10

Stay away from alcohol. One of the commonest causes of relapse is the use of alcohol. As you know, alcohol has a very close bond with cigarette smoking. They tend to go hand in hand. So it makes sense to give alcohol the elbow in the first few weeks of stopping cigarettes.

Coffee has also been shown to cause relapse, so have tea instead of coffee.

For individuals who follow meals with a cigarette, well you have to find substitutes for that activity like chewing gums or even have a cup of tea after meals.

 Tip # 11

Incorporate fruit and vegetables in your diet. In fact, you should use fruit and vegetables as substitutes for your hand-to-mouth action which is one of the things you will be missing out on when you stop smoking.

So you not only will satisfy this motion activity but you will be doing your health huge favors by having more fruit and vegetables on a daily basis. Have at least 5 portions of these healthy inclusions daily.

 Tip # 12

It helps to drink plenty of water during the process of quitting. The water will not only rehydrate you but will facilitate getting the rid of the nicotine in your body through the kidneys.

There is a suggestion that drinking water does help to deal with nicotine cravings by satisfying the need to have something in your mouth in place of the cigarettes.

Tip # 13

If you are struggling with the hand-to-mouth action, even after using fruits and vegetables, then a good substitute will be the electronic cigarettes which provide you with a cigarette but without the nicotine. A lot of ex-smokers have found them very useful and will swear by them. You can check it out here.

We hope you find these quit smoking tips really helpful, useful and look forward to the new healthy you.

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