Ways To Stop Smoking

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Ways To Stop Smoking


There exists several ways to stop smoking and it’s really a matter of take your pick depending on your personal circumstances. There is no right way or wrong way of quitting smoking cigarettes or cigars. For this reason, one needs to be patient and not get frustrated too quickly.

Remember, smoking is an addiction which implies quitting the habit demands perseverance.

 Can you tell me some effective ways to stop smoking?

Yes, and here are some for you to sample for your delight.


This is an orthodox medicinal approach to quitting smoking cigarettes and cigars. As expected, zyban as one of the ways to stop smoking requires a doctor’s involvement as you will require a prescription to pick up your zyban. The active ingredient in zyban is called brupopion hydrochloride.

 How does Zyban work?

It alters the level of some chemical substances in the brain. These chemical substances are called neurotransmitters and they are mood enhancers. It is thought that by elevating the level of these neurotransmitters in the brain, you put yourself in a position to deal with the undesirable symptoms that quitters experience with nicotine withdrawal.


Hypnosis is one of the effective, natural ways to stop smoking in today’s fast pace moving world. It relies on a mechanism of actually applying the brakes to our constantly racing mind. Forget about the usual stuff you see on a stage during hypnosis entertainment.

When it comes to using hypnosis for treatment, it’s a little more sophisticated than what you see on stage during a performance.

Essentially hypnosis is a form of treatment where your conscious mind meets the subconscious in a way that the two work together in unison for your benefit. Don’t worry about the details as trained and qualified hypnotists have the necessary skills to make this happen. The conscious mind feeds the necessary, desired information to the subconscious, which in turn accepts this as reality.

So in the case of someone trying to quit smoking, the objective of hypnosis is to let the conscious mind process and transmit the information that “you are a non-smoker” to the subconscious which in turn will accept this as reality. Ultimately, this leads to smoking cessation in a step by step process – it does not happen in one fell swoop. It is a gradual process that has up to 70% success rate in good hands.

 Cigarette Modification

These are a variety of methods designed to assist you with quitting by gradually reducing the amount of nicotine coming through your cigarette or fooling your body into thinking, “you still smoke” when in actual fact you don’t.

For instance, the smokeless cigarette does this perfectly well. It retains the hand-to-mouth action without the smoke and the nicotine. Can be used alone or used in conjunction with other smoking methods especially if you are struggling.

There are also the filtering systems designed to reduce the amount of nicotine and tar coming through your cigarette smoke. The filtration systems are usually multi-layered so as to filter more and more nicotine with each successive layer such that less than 10% is delivered to your lungs.

The cigarette modification is one of the best ways to stop smoking especially the nicotineless cigarettes or e-cigarettes as they are sometimes referred to. With this method, you can smoke without the guilt, without the nicotine, without the health risks and no one will tell you off for smoking.


Aromatherapy is a natural way to stop smoking and should at least in theory be easy as well. How does it work?

It works best by combining two smells- one disgusting and the other pleasant. You can conjure up a disgusting smell by putting old, used cigarette butts in a jar and screw the lid on. Open it and sniff it anytime you have the urge to smoke which should put you right off your cigarette.

You enhance the aromatherapy further by swiftly sniffing a pleasant smell on your usual smoking hand intermittently with the usual hand-to-mouth action. The pleasant smell could be perfume sprayed on your smoking hand or even vicks vapour rub or anything that tickles your fancy.

Aromatherapy is an easy way to stop smoking, pretty cheap and can be combined with other methods if you prefer.

Support Group

This is one way to stop smoking that is best used in combination with other methods. Its effectiveness should not be underestimated. Unless you are quitting smoking with a friend or relative, it can be a very lonely experience and non-smokers (some of them anyway) do not appreciate the difficulty stopping the smoking habit poses.

That is where you need support groups for help and advice along with the empathy they will offer. Most support groups are made up of ex-smokers and professionals who will appreciate your journey. They will provide you with the encouragement you need, keeping your spirits up and motivate you along the way.

These support groups could be in your own local community, or be available on the telephone when you need help and advice…….or as often happens in todays world, you can talk to people online in chat groups or discussion forums.

So go on, don’t just stare at the screen, do something to improve your health starting right now.

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